About Us

About the DEC

Launched in 2020, the Disability Equity Center (DEC) in Corvallis is a community center made by and for disabled people and their allies. We are an organization built on disability culture, pride, and a fierce determination to make the world equitable for everyone. DEC brings disabled people from the margins of society to the center and offers a safe space for coalition, community building, and social connection. DEC serves as a generative place of self-discovery where disabled people can explore all the facets of their identities from gender to race to sexuality to nationality.

The DEC serves as a resource center for disabled people and their allies, and it enables concrete connections between people across the disability community in the Willamette Valley. We also help educate our local community about ableism and change social misperceptions about people with disabilities. At DEC, we believe that disability can be powerful and beautiful. We are about disability pride and changing the world to make it better for disabled people. DEC can help educate people about all things related to disability and be a resource for disabled people and other people in our community.