DEC is taking a break

Dear Friends and DEC Community Members:

We wanted to let you know that Disability Equity Center (DEC) is suspending its operations as of June 1, 2023. 

The non-profit organization, started in 2019 out of a grassroots mutual aid movement, has promoted disability justice across the greater Willamette Valley. As a community resource hub, DEC has connected with hundreds of people through a variety of art, music, and social programs and events led by an amazing team of self-advocates and allies. 

While we pause our operations with sadness, we recognize that the best next steps for DEC require careful consideration of our financial resources and organizational support structure. Please stay tuned for more from us as things evolve.

Even while we write today to inform you of this news, please know that you are always in our hearts and minds, and we are sending so much love and peace your way.

In solidarity and with gratitude,

Your DEC

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